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In 2015, PSD expanded its programming to include a holistic approach to integrating more technology, in particular, coding, to enforce coding as a core skill among Palestinian students through ICode.  ICode introduced coding skills to 7-9th grade students throughout the West Bank and Gaza who had limited or no previous exposure. In addition, PSD worked with university students to enable them to become coding trainers. Upon completion of training, these university students then trained the middle school students and worked with them to utilize their newly gained skills to create applications and or websites that addressed the needs of their local communities. By the end of the training youth not only learned coding skills but also gained problem solving skills, digital confidence, and a better understanding of their communities. To date, PSD has implemented four training cycles, and will continue training new cohorts of students, ensuring the sustainability of program and its wide reach among Palestinian students.

iCode Project

Internet of Things Training