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Content Development

The wide range of educational content and resources developed by PSD empowers students towards self-directive learning. This content is made available on and offline, granting students of all ages the ability to access learning opportunities in areas where power and internet are often unreliable.

Digitized Books

Through an agreement with the Ministry of Education and with funding from the Paltel Group Foundation, PSD is digitizing Palestinian curriculum textbooks. Textbook content is kept authentic and in-line with instructional design models and is then enriched with interactive multimedia resources and components. Video, audio, animation and simulations help the learners to visualize, hear and interact with material and, thus, explore different learning styles to suit their individual needs.

KHAN Academy

Through a strategic partnership with Khan Academy, PSD has created the Khan Academy Arabic Channel where 1700 instructional videos have been translated and uploaded for access on both the internet and NETKETABi. Khan Academy is an online library of thousands of videos on subjects including math, physics, computer science and economics.


Through a strategic partnership with Gooru, PSD developed 1009 learning objects around the existing Palestinian school curricula and improving the quality of learning for Palestinian students, grades 5-8, in the areas of math and science.

Learning Objects

Teams under the supervision of the Birzeit University develop learning objects for subjects based on grade level. Design-based research is adopted throughout the development of learning. Each unit is developed by 2-3 teachers and 1 MM specialist under the supervision of one instructional designer with overall support from the BZU team.