The Unique Zan

Zan Logo
PSD established The Unique Zan in recognition of the importance of women's influence on community development. The Unique Zan, meaning "The Unique Women" in Farsi, is a community outreach center in Dura, south of Hebron, that attends to the needs of the female population in that and neighboring communities. Educational opportunities tailored to empower women financially and socially are provided within the facility, while The Unique Zan team members conduct field visits to deliver outreach and awareness workshops on topics relevant to women in nearby villages.

Since its establishment, The Unique Zan has been changing trends in the South. The community sees the center as a place where they can gain vocational skills and the will to set and pursue their goals. Most importantly, the center is helping women find confidence, so they can feel free to dream, and it’s providing them the tools to make those dreams a reality.

The Unique Zan is a hub for women interested in learning a number of vocational skills, and it provides a space for them to not only learn but practice these skills in a number of enterprises operating within the center.