Our Board

These are just a few of the amazing people supporting us and our work.



Walid Namour

Mr. Walid Namour is Chief Executive of IDARA, Institutional Development And Reform Associates, a private consulting firm located in Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine that specializes in Institutional Development and Reform of organizations in the public, private and (NGOs) sectors.

Mr. Namour has over twenty five years of executive and operational experience in strategic planning, vision development, management and operations analysis, An experienced Leader, Motivator and Strategist with a strong background in Strategic Planning, Organizational Development and Project Management in a variety of positions both as a Manager/Director, Consultant and Trainer.

He is familiar with the needs of Public Sector, Non-profit and Non-Governmental Organizations and with regional and international experience consulting with UN Agencies, EU, DFID, USAID and INGO Networks.  As a strategist and strategic planning facilitator Mr. Nammour has consulted with several public institutions such as Palestinian Authority Ministries, local government (Birzeit Municipality, Ramallah Municipality), NGO’s (Birzeit University, Engineering College, Cultural Studies College, St Ives East Jerusalem YMCA, and fifteen health providers).

Mr Nammour is a former member of the inter-ministerial committee for health reform and development