Our Projects


NETKETABi NETKETABi is a multi-dimensional educational solution that aims to build the competencies of a

Design for change

Design for Change (DFC) Design for Change (DFC) is a global movement that cultivates the ‘I Can’ mindset


Virtual Institute for Employment & Work (VIEW) This project is designed to create and maintain

Edu4ALL Edu4ALL aims at supporting the inclusion of students with disabilities in HE by establishing


Makkeni Makkeni fosters the economic empowerment of fresh female graduates to prepare them to enter

lets mod

Let’sMOD PSD has been implementing the Polyup program since 2018. Polyup is a computational thinking


TechCamp TechCamp Ramallah: Business Success through Academic Excellence provided university students the critical thinking skills,


Milon The milON initiative is a collaborative effort between journalists, filmmakers, coders, educationalists and media


ECFOLI ECFOLI is an innovative Media education and Information Literacy (MIL) project aiming at fostering


iCode In 2014, PSD expanded its programming towards the integration of technology, particularly coding, to


DEED Women’s DEED is a 3-year (2014-2016) project aimed at increasing women’s economic development by

Youth Earn

Youth EARN Youth EARN is designed to transfer valuable educational knowledge and build on skill


YEED Youth Engagement in Economic Development (YEED) aims at building youth capacities in marginalized areas