This project is designed to create and maintain an on-line virtual work portal that will offer virtual work opportunities for Palestinian youth. VIEW will be presented as a website and a mobile application and will create linkages between youth and employers from different sectors locally, regionally and internationally. The project will deliver capacity building services to qualify a selected number of youth to compete in the market, which will enable them to respond to regional and international company needs.

Because this methodology is rather modern and unconventional to many; the project will design and deliver an awareness campaign using local new media, to alter attitudes on the concept and present virtual work as a viable and worthy employment options. The project will create partnerships with local institutes, companies and universities, who will help offer an adequate environment for both project activities’ implementation and advance youth’s life and technical skills, and to offer work opportunities when needed.

The project will target marginalized areas characterized with extreme poverty in Hebron, Jerusalem, Salfit, Qalqeliah, Tulkarm, Nablus, Jenin and Tubas. This selection is now possible due to the availability of needed technology that is almost free of charge. The project design is holistic and will guarantee change at the community level at large.