Educational Content Development

Partners for Sustainable Development PSD NETKATABI

PSD’s main educational content development activities occur under the NETKETABi program. The program works towards providing a multidimensional approach to addressing the gap between the educational system and the ever evolving demands of the 21st Century. NETKETABi refers to both the physical learning device and the educational content within. Within the device, students have access to the digitized Palestinian curriculum through interactive books for grades 5-9, access to thousands of educational material through 1700 instructional videos in partnership with Khan Academy, 1009 study collections in partnership with Gooru, and educational and assessment games. While teachers have access to a classroom management application that enables them to manage the class, share educational tools with students, as well as give synchronized exams.

PSD trains both students and teachers on the integration of information communication technology in the classroom and learning process, as well as the use of NETKETABi, its content, and its integration in their lives. PSD also works with parents to familiarize them with the solution and enhance their understanding, and support of interactive learning tools.

Municipalities and local councils have been instrumental partners in PSD’s digitalization initiative. PSD engaged them in training, deployment, and student led initiatives. Local communities were mobilized to cover the cost of NETKETABi devices for schools and teacher training. Municipalities opened their facilities for teacher, student, and parents training.