kids coding

NETKETABi is a multi-dimensional educational solution that aims to build the competencies of a Palestinian youth by creating 21st-century skills development opportunities. By providing school-age youth with access to customized laptops containing new educational content along with services that promote intellectual stimulation in and out of the classroom, youth are engaged in a self-learning empowered environment that promotes strong communities where members are able to tackle vast local and global changes.

The NETKETABi implementation outlets are as follows:

  1. Distribution of affordable rigid laptop units with easy payment features to Palestinian children
  2. Educational Content Development in collaboration with teachers
  3. Training on unit utilization for NETKETABi students and parents
  4. Training of NETKETABi students on life skills
  5. Training of Trainers (TOT) training of young adults to become NETKETABi trainers
  6. Training of Teachers on ICT integration into the classroom