Nafez Husseini

Nafez Husseini, is currently a retired CCC executive emeritus, serving as the Strategic
Advisor to the BoD Chair of the Greece based Consolidated Contractors Company
(, a multi-billion dollar engineering group and the largest construction
company in the Middle East.
Nafez focuses on ICT, Digital Business, and ESG topics.
Nafez is very active in promoting knowledge-based societies, advancing economies
toward greater and well governed use of technology, information and the applying of
innovative skills and solutions towards fair developmental access to all from both the
business and public sectors.
Nafez has been a key founding member of many Palestinian education initiatives.
He is a strong advocate of the leading role leading of the Palestinian private sector in
transforming and building sustainable capacities in the local economy. Nafez believes
that well-designed economic development propagates integrally innovation and digital
A Palestinian native of Jerusalem, Nafez holds a bachelor’s degree from the American
University of Beirut and a Master’s from California State University – Sacramento in
Management & Information Technology.