Mona Nabil Demaidi

Mona Nabil Demaidi Dr Mona Nabil Demaidi is an entrepreneur and women’s rights advocate. She obtained her PhD in Advanced Software Engineering and Machine Learning, MSc with distinction in Software Engineering and Data Management from the University of Manchester, UK. Dr Mona joined An- Najah National University in 2016, to become the youngest female with …

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Nafez Husseini

Nafez Husseini Nafez Husseini, is currently a retired CCC executive emeritus, serving as the StrategicAdvisor to the BoD Chair of the Greece based Consolidated Contractors Company(, a multi-billion dollar engineering group and the largest constructioncompany in the Middle East.Nafez focuses on ICT, Digital Business, and ESG topics.Nafez is very active in promoting knowledge-based societies, advancing …

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